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316 Grade Stainless Steel


     I manufacture a full range of slip on and clamp on cutters for canal, river or sea going craft.

  Made from marine grade 316 stainless steeel with all A4 fastenings, they are available ex stock for shaft sizes 3/4in up to 2 3/4in plus all metric equiv.



Bore In  mm         

Bore in         Inches

Cutter         Thickness

Cutter             Diameter

Gap Cutter     to Bearing


 No   VAT   

20mm 3/4in 12mm 80mm Min 6mm £39.50  £2.50
22mm 7/8in 12mm 80mm Min 6mm £39.50 £2.50
25mm 1in 12mm 80mm Min 6mm £39.50 £2.50
30mm 1 1/8in        12mm 80mm Min 6mm £39.50 £2.50
32mm 1 1/4in 12mm 80mm Min 6mm £39.50 £2.50
32mm  1 1/4in 12mm 100mm 6-10mm £48.50 £3.50
35mm 1 3/8 12mm 100mm 6-10mm £48.50 £3.50
40mm 1 1/2in 12mm 100mm 6-10mm £48.50 £3.50
45mm 1 3/4in 12mm 100mm 6-10mm £48.50 £3.50
50mm 2in 12mm 100mm 6-10mm £48.50 £3.50
50mm 2in 18mm 120mm 10mm + £82.50 £4.50
60mm 2 1/4in 18mm 120mm 10mm + £82.50 £4.50
65mm 2 1/2in 18mm 120mm 10mm + £82.50 £4.50
70mm 2 3/4in 18mm 120mm 10mm + £82.50 £4.50


If the cutter size you are looking for is not listed above please give me a call,email me at

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Custom cutters are listed at the bottom of this page.



A range of cutters that clamp around your propeller shaft thus avoiding the removal of the propeller.

Standard shaft sizes available from 3/4in (20mm) to 3in (75mm) 





Bore In


Bore In






Gap Cutter to Bearing   



20mm 3/4in 20mm 80mm 6mm £71.00 £3.50
22mm 7/8 in 20mm 80mm 6mm £71.00 £3.50
25mm 1in 20mm 80mm 6mm £71.00 £3.50
30mm 1 1/8in   20mm 80mm 6mm £71.00 £3.50
32mm 1 1/4in 20mm 80mm 6mm £71.00 £3.50
32mm 1 1/4in 20mm 100mm 6-10mm £89.00 £4.50
35mm 1 3/8in 20mm 100mm 6-10mm £89.00 £4.50
40mm 1 1/2in 20mm 100mm 6-10mm £89.00 £4.50
45mm 1 3/4in 20mm 100mm 6-10mm £89.00 £4.50
50mm 2in 20mm 100mm 6-10mm £89.00 £4.50

For Shafts 2in  and above please call for a price. It would be useful  to have your propeller hub

and your stern tube/p bracket diameters available so that we can work out the correct size of

cutter for your boat.


Cutters up to 120mm irrespective of bore size are £145.00 + p&p

Cutters up to 150mm irrespective of bore size  are £220.00 + p&p




Part machined cutters are allways on hand  for that odd shaft diameter that tuns up from time to time.

Tel 01524752274 0r email JIM  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

if you would like to order or require more information.

Custom Cutters Made To Your Requirements.


Custom  cutter from 316s/s, 6 1/2in diameter with  a 2 1/2in bore to fit behind a propellor with a 5 1/2inch hub. Clamping via  3 x M8 316 Stainless grub screws. Manufactured for a 35ft Jersey trawler.

When ordering please ensure that the cutter diameter is approx 20mm/25mm larger than your propeller hub and your  stern tube or bearing. For boats with large dia stern tubes hubs etc special cutters can be made. For example a 1 3/4 in shaft dia cutter may under some circumstances need to be machined from 120mm  stock.  

Cutters made by Jims Engineering are now in use  throughout the whole of the British Isles inland and coastal waters. From Shetland to The Channel Islands, and from Southern Ireland to the East Anglian coast. 

East and West coast USA and Canada 

 All prices are + p&p. I will post these items to All UK post codes, EC, and Europe,Worldwide.

email for postage costs.


All cutter outside dias are nominal due to machining.