Bulkhead Fittings



 P5170500w                 130webb 

When fitting out it is usual to mount the heating unit,ie Webasto, somewhere in the engine bay. Some means of passing the heating circulators and the circulators from the engine for the calorifier, through the engine bay bulkhead  that will maintain its watertight integrity has to be found.

These Fittings Do Exactly That.

While fitting out my own boats it became obvious that no satisfactory means of doing this was available in chandlery shops. The nearest one could get to a fitting was the gas locker type of bulkhead fitting which gas fitters insist that you use, from an engineers point of  view they are nothing more than a coupling with a hexagon section in the middle to form a flange and a rather flimsy  flangeless backnut to tighten up. At this point they are niether adequet nor gas tight.

I decided to make some that would satisfy all the requirements and have since fitted them to all of my boats. The photograph clearly demonstrates how neat how 4 circulators pass through the bulkhead into the engine bay.

Priced per pair.

Pickup £9.95

Mail Order  £9.95 + £1.75p&p

Now available in  22mm  £13.50 per pair inc p&p