Diesel Tank Dipstick




Custom made dipstick to suit the size, capacity and depth of you boats fuel tank.

These are as popular as they are unique, a Jims Engineering first. As far as I am aware,these dipsticks are only available here, so if you would like one I'm affraid you're stuck with me.

In order to make these dipsticks I need to know the capacity of your tank in  litres or gallons, and the depth in millimetres or inches, whichever you prefer. There is a vast range in tank sizes making a standard dip stick available in chandlery shops impractical. As such the general procedure has been to dip the tank with anything available that was long enough to reach the bottom, brush shafts, sticks, tape measures to name but a few.

Each dipstick is marked at 5ltr intervals and numbered at 10ltr intervals,it is quite easy to read off to 1ltr by visually dividing the distance between two marks.

The name of your boat is stamped into the top end (max 18 letters, 36 if double row) and there is a hole with which to attach a safety wrist band and of course to hang it up.

The average length is 750mm with a scale length of 650mm, each dipstick represents over 2hrs work.The Ultimate piece of Narrowboat Brassware.

Note. I have recently been asked to make a dipstick in stainless steel.I realise that a number of Narrowboaters are favouring stainless over brass these days so these are now available at £37.50 + p&p.

Even though the scales are marked to an accuracy of .05mm , at no time do I claim that these dipsticks are anything other than a guide to the fuel in your tank. I have to say this before I get a visit from the weights and measure people.

These dipsticks really do work.Most boaters keep a log of their engine hours,but how much diesel do you use cruising the canal,do you use more on a river or less just charging your battery bank. How much of your diesel is going through your engine and how much are you using for your heating.Treat yourself to a personalised dipstick and find out.


Collect £32.50

Mail Order £32.50 +  £2.50p&p

If you would like to order a dipstick for your boat, please supply me with the following information.

Name  of your boat in CAPITALS please.

NB Prefix in front of boats name, Yes/No

Depth of fuel tank to its normal full level.

Capacity of fuel tank.

Please state scale required in Gallons or Litres. 

Distance from top of your full tank to approx 100mm above your fuel filler.


Remember, the accuracy depends on your measurements.

Fuel tank must be the same section from top to bottom.


Hi Jim
I received it on Saturday. Sorry I have not replied sooner but I have a week off, so I decided to spend it on the boat.
Ref the dip stick.
On Sunday I took the dip stick to the boat and took a reading. The dip stick measured our fuel level at between 235 and 240 litres. On Monday I filled it up and it took 62 litres. On taking another reading after filling it was spot on 300 litres.
You have produced a lovely and very accurate piece of engineering. I am now (because I have internet access) going to hopefully transfer you some money via paypal.
Thank you once again, absolutely brilliant.
Peter P


the dipstick arrived today. I am absolutly delighted. Its even better than the picture. I have left feedback on Ebay.

The very best of luck with your career,you deserve to do well,shall certainly be recommending you.Brian

The dipstick is absolutely lovely.Thanks, Hannah

                    All customer coments via email can be viewed in full by arrangement. I obviously cannot publish their details here on the website. Jim.